April 17, 2024
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Stakeholders Encourage Youth Participation in the Energy Sector

A call has been made for youths to explore the abundant opportunities available in the energy sector. This call was made by stakeholders during the Youth Energy Summit (YES) held in Lagos over the weekend, they urged young individuals to explore the multitude of opportunities available in the sector. The summit emphasized the importance of youth initiative and innovative solutions that could potentially revolutionize the industry.

Speakers at the event highlighted the diverse opportunities within the sector, encompassing areas such as research, engineering, finance, customer service, and human resources, according to TheGuardian.

Emmanuel Yusuf, Human Resource Manager at Genesis Energy Group, emphasized the accessibility of non-technical roles also. Highlighting the sector’s pivotal role in economic growth.

Yusuf further noted, “The industry is a key enabler for economic growth and development, and the youths are key to unlocking the sector’s potential.”

Durodoluwa Femi-Ajala, Head of Programmes, Performance, Operation, and Finance at Youth Sustainable Development Network, shared her transformative journey and advised young individuals to embrace new learning experiences, shun rigidity, and focus on personal growth.

Bethel Nwaneri, HR Business Partner at GE Verona, stressed the importance of the right attitude, learning agility, mentorship, and recognizing opportunities. She also emphasized the significance of self-reflection in personal and professional development. Collectively, the message aims to inspire and guide young individuals in making meaningful contributions to the energy sector.

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