May 22, 2024
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Ghana’s Electrical Wiring Standards Under Review

The Energy Commission, which serves as Ghana’s technical regulator for electricity and natural gas, has announced its collaboration with the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) to revise electrical wiring standards in response to evolving industry trends.

Oscar Amonoo-Neizer, the Executive Secretary of the Commission disclosed this during the graduation ceremony of Certified Electrical Wiring Professionals at the Energy Commission’s headquarters, citing the growing adoption of renewable energy systems like rooftop solar panels and the increasing use of smart home technologies, including lighting, heating, and security systems in Ghana.

Energy News Africa reported that the aim of the review was to ensure that homeowners can design and install electrical systems that are not only safe but also reliable and efficient.

He urged these practitioners to stay updated with industry developments and provide services that cater to the rising demand for smart homes. A total of 267 electrical wiring practitioners from the Greater Accra, Volta, and Eastern Regions graduated and were certified as Electrical Wiring Professionals and Inspectors.

Since the enforcement of the Electrical Wiring Regulation 2011, L.I 2008 in 2012, the Commission trained and certified over 14,000 electricians.

Amonoo-Neizer stated that the collaborative effort reflects their commitment to staying ahead of industry advancements, promoting a safety culture, and adapting to the changing needs of the electrical landscape.

Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, the Minister for Energy, highlighted the awareness generated by the Certified Electrical Wiring Programme among Ghanaians.

He noted that Ghanaians now recognize the importance of having certified Electrical Wiring Professionals and Inspectors handle their electrical installations.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Energy has made it mandatory for its contractors under the National Electrification Scheme and the Self-Help Electrification Programme (SHEP) to engage only CEWPs/CEWIs for the certification of household wirings before connecting rural consumers to the electricity grid.

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