June 22, 2024
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India Implements Measures to Address Surging Electricity Demand

In response to anticipated high electricity demand during the upcoming summer months, India has issued directives to ensure the efficient operation of gas-based and imported coal-fired power plants.

The measures aim to mitigate potential electricity shortages and meet the rising energy needs of the country.

According to Reuters, the government has instructed companies to operate underutilized gas-based power plants in May and June to bolster electricity supply. This directive, issued under an emergency clause, mandates the import of fuel to facilitate the operation of gas-fired facilities.

With approximately 24 gigawatts of gas-based power plants currently idle or underutilized due to fuel shortages, power stations will receive advance notice to arrange for the importation of gas to meet demand.

“Gas-based power plants are required to meet the anticipated surge in power consumption in summer months,” the order says.

Major companies such as Torrent and NTPC are among those operating gas-based power stations and are expected to comply with the government’s directive.

In a separate order, companies operating imported coal-fired power plants, including Tata Power and Adani Power, have been directed to extend their operations until October 15. Initially slated to cease operations by June 30, these plants will now continue to generate electricity to meet demand.

The extension aims to ensure a stable electricity supply during the critical period of high demand, particularly in light of India’s 8% increase in electricity consumption during the recently concluded financial year.

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