June 22, 2024
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Sierra Leone’s Energy Minister Resigns Over Electricity Crisis

Alhaji Kanja Sesay, Sierra Leone’s Minister for Energy has resigned due to the electricity crisis in the country. Taking accountability for the energy challenges, Sesay submitted his resignation letter on Friday.

The Turkish energy company, Karpowership, has been providing electricity to Sierra Leone. However, the nation has struggled to make timely payments for the power supply, leading to mounting debts.

In September 2023, Karpowership cut off electricity to Freetown, the capital, due to an outstanding debt of approximately $40 million.

Following Sesay’s resignation, President Julius Maada Bio’s office announced a partial payment of $17 million out of the $48 million owed to Karpowership, the provider of electricity to Freetown.

Sierra Leone Faces Power Cuts Over Unpaid Debt

A spokesperson for Karpowership confirmed the receipt of the payment and announced the full restoration of the electricity supply to the capital.

“We are pleased to announce the complete restoration of full-capacity power supply to Sierra Leone,” the company stated.

Energy News Africa reports that since mid-April, Freetown, along with the cities of Bo, Kenema, and Koidu, has endured prolonged periods without electricity.

Karpowership previously cited non-payment from the Sierra Leonean government for an extended duration, preventing them from settling bills with fuel suppliers on behalf of the country.

President Maada Bio’s office stated that the energy ministry would now be directly supervised by the president.

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