May 21, 2024
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Zambia’s Zesco MD Sacked Over Load-Shedding

Mr. Victor Mapani, the Managing Director of Zesco Limited, Zambia’s prominent power utility company, has reportedly been dismissed from his position. While the precise reason for his termination remains unclear, speculation suggests a connection to the ongoing power shortages plaguing the southern African nation.

In a candid WhatsApp exchange with Francis, a journalist based in Zambia, it was revealed that Mr. Mapani allegedly unilaterally increased electricity tariffs without government consultation, despite the country grappling with a severe power crisis. Consequently, Mr. Mapani was compelled to take leave, with no indication of his imminent return.

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Zambia’s Zesco Begins Load-shedding in Lusaka

Zesco Limited instigated eight hours of load-shedding in Lusaka and neighboring towns as early as March this year, subsequently escalating the outage periods. Energy News Africa reports that on Sunday, May 12, 2024, the company extended load shedding to last between 12 and 22 hours. This escalation has triggered public outcry, particularly from small-scale and medium enterprises, prompting demands for Mr. Mapani’s resignation or dismissal.

In a petition spearheaded by Daimone Siulapwa, the group articulated the profound impact of prolonged power shortages on homes, businesses, and essential services, attributing the crisis to a failure of Zesco’s leadership, particularly Mr. Mapani.

The petition called for his immediate resignation and demanded for a 25 percent reduction in top management salaries as measures to restore Zesco’s credibility and ensure reliable and affordable electricity provision for Zambian citizens.

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