July 14, 2024
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Zambia’s Zesco Begins Load-shedding in Lusaka

Zesco Limited, Zambia’s national electricity supplier, has declared the launch of structured eight-hour daily power cuts in select residential neighbourhoods of Lusaka, starting from April 1.

These areas according to Energy News Africa, would face two separate four-hour blackouts distributed across the day to manage electricity supply.

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Matongo Maumbi, the spokesperson for Zesco Limited, explained that this load-shedding schedule is designed to reduce inconvenience and maintain the stability of the electricity grid, amidst challenges with power generation capacity.

Zambia’s total power generation capacity stands at 3,356.6MW, with the majority (83%) derived from hydroelectric sources. Coal, heavy fuel oil, and solar PV contribute 9%, 5%, and 3% respectively.

The mining industry is the largest power consumer in Zambia, using 51% of the electricity produced, while household consumption accounts for 33%.

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