April 20, 2024
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U.S. Shows Interest in Renewable Energy Investments in Pakistan amidst Pipeline Dispute with Iran

The United States has signaled its willingness to invest in renewable energy projects in Pakistan, just days after expressing opposition to the construction of a gas pipeline from Iran to the Pakistani port city of Gwadar.

The gas pipeline project, initiated in 2009 between Pakistan and Iran, has faced obstacles due to American opposition and international sanctions against Tehran.

Despite this, Pakistan faces potential financial penalties under the bilateral agreement if the project is not carried out.

According to Arab News, US Ambassador Donald Blome met with Pakistan’s power minister Sardar Awais Ahmad Khan Leghari to explore clean energy options.

“The US Ambassador expressed interest of US-based Companies and DFC [US International Development Finance Corporation] in investing in renewable energy projects, aligning with Pakistan’s goal to double the share of renewables in its energy mix over the next 8-10 years under Sustainable Development Goal 7,” said a statement issued by the power ministry after the meeting.

“In addition, the US Ambassador highlighted the importance of upcoming Economic Dialogue in USA and requested a strong presence from Pakistan side,” it added.

Ambassador Blome’s engagement with Pakistan follows US Assistant Secretary of State Donald Lu’s testimony to Congress, where he discussed the Iran-Pakistan pipeline.

Lu emphasized the US administration’s interest in exploring alternative energy sources for Pakistan and offering assistance in transitioning to clean energy.

In response, the Pakistani minister outlined the country’s energy efficiency initiatives and sought US support in accessing the Green Climate Fund to address environmental challenges.

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