June 23, 2024
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Turkey to Support Libya’s Energy Potential through Cooperation

Turkey is eager to collaborate with companies and other nations to assist Libya in harnessing its significant energy potential, according to Energy and Natural Resources Minister Alparslan Bayraktar.

Speaking at the Energy and Economy Summit in Tripoli, Bayraktar emphasized Libya’s importance not only to Turkey but also to global markets.

He highlighted the disruptions caused by epidemics and wars in recent years, stressing the need for international cooperation to address challenges in securing energy supply and providing reliable and affordable energy.

“We definitely need international cooperation to overcome all these challenges,” he said.

He added that Turkey and Libya have a long-standing relationship in many areas.

“We can extend this to the field of energy as well.”

The minister had previously pledged to enhance collaboration for the excavation and processing of rare earth materials.

Turkey aims to establish an industrial facility in Eskişehir, processing 570,000 tons of rare earth elements annually, following the discovery of the world’s second-largest rare earth element reserve in the province in 2020.

The recent remarks align with Turkey’s broader efforts to strengthen its position in the critical minerals sector through partnerships with other nations, particularly in Africa and West and Central Asia.

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