June 22, 2024
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Swiss Voters Support Legislation to Promote Renewable Energy Output

Swiss voters backed a law to boost renewable energy output, in a referendum on Sunday, while rejecting separate proposals intended to contain rising healthcare insurance costs.

Seeking to enhance energy independence, and provisions to enhance the measures, contained in the federal law passed in autumn 2023. The measures, comprises to boost the transport, storage and production of electricity, including facilitating the installation of solar panels on buildings.

Switzerland has been at loggerheads over climate change with a top European court, which in April ruled it was not doing enough to combat global warming.

Two separate initiatives were defeated that either sought to tie health insurance contributions to income levels or put curbs on increases in the levy, the results showed.

Critics of the health plans had argued they risked sparking higher taxes, just as the government grapples with how to fund additional pension payments that are due to come into effect in 2026 and were backed by Swiss voters in March.

The proposals to contain health insurance costs had enjoyed majority support earlier in the campaign, polls showe

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