June 13, 2024
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Sudan Unveils Plans to Boost Energy Sector

Dr. Mohi-Eddin Naeem, Sudan’s Minister for Energy and Oil revealed that only 20 percent of Sudan’s known oil and gas reserves in the Red Sea have been tapped, underscoring the country’s commitment to bolstering its energy capabilities.

Speaking at the World Economic Forum on Global Cooperation, Growth, and Energy for Development in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Dr. Naeem outlined Sudan’s strategies to harness its resources effectively.

He emphasized the government’s dedication to increasing oil and gas production to meet the surging energy demands.

Crude Oil Exports Expected to Resume in South Sudan in Weeks

Dr. Naeem also highlighted Sudan’s focus on enhancing gas utilization in power stations to generate electricity.

He mentioned initiatives in solar, thermal, and wind energy alongside the exploitation of significant oil reserves in the northern region.

The conference of the Ministries of Energy and Minerals aims to capitalize on Sudan’s abundant gold resources, as stated by Dr. Naeem.

Despite encountering challenges in collaborating with global stakeholders, Sudan maintains amicable political relations with nations worldwide.

The minister’s remarks underscore Sudan’s determination to leverage its natural resources for economic development and energy security, signaling promising prospects for the nation’s energy sector.

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