May 21, 2024
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Russia’s Orsk oil refinery suspends work after dam bursts amid flooding

The Orsk oil refinery in Russia has ceased its operations following a dam burst in the city on Friday night amidst widespread flooding in the Orenburg region. The refinery’s press service confirmed the suspension of work on Sunday, citing concerns over the ecological risks posed by the flooding.

Located approximately 1800 kilometers (1100 miles) east of Moscow near the border with Kazakhstan, the Orsk oil refinery boasts an annual capacity of six million tons of oil. The decision to halt operations comes in the wake of extensive flooding that has affected not only the Orenburg region but also adjacent areas of Russia and Kazakhstan.

According to reports from the state news agency RIA, the refinery’s shutdown is a precautionary measure aimed at mitigating environmental hazards exacerbated by the ongoing floods. The situation underscores the challenges posed by natural disasters to critical infrastructure and the importance of swift action to safeguard against potential ecological damage.

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