May 22, 2024
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Renowned Ex-Militant Leader Backs Nigerian Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Commission CEO Amidst Protest

Eshanakpe Israel, popularly known as Akpodoro, the Mayor of Urhoboland and a prominent former militant leader, has vehemently stated that orchestrated efforts to undermine the Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Commission (NUPRC), Gbenga Komolafe, will not succeed.

According to Leadership, the outspoken remarks by Akpodoro came in response to a recent protest staged at the NUPRC’s Utako headquarters by a faction of its employees. He described those involved in the protest as “a handful of mischief makers” who were backed by known individuals aiming to exploit unhealthy rivalry within the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPCL).

Akpodoro emphasized, “The focus of the protest by a handful of malfeasants being sponsored by senior officials of the NNPCL who are bent on getting rid of the Commissioner to pave the way for themselves to perpetrate looting that Komolafe has been impeding since his appointment.”

Akpodoro hailed Komolafe’s tenure as CEO of the Commission, noting that his innovative strategies for managing the petroleum industry have created unease among “timid souls” who are envious of his progress and accomplishments in the sector.

He further asserted, “Those behind the protests are known and at the right time, the youths of the Niger Delta region will go after those enemies of progress who overrate themselves in delusion of grandeur.”

According to Akpodoro, Komolafe’s positive impact on the NNPC has even prompted well-wishers to call on the current administration to consider assigning him higher responsibilities.

“While Komolafe aims higher, his detractors are vainly chasing shadows thinking they can unseat a man whom God has placed,” Akpodoro affirmed. He warned that if those attempting to tarnish Komolafe’s reputation through protests and false information do not cease their actions, they will be publicly exposed.

Akpodoro called on the NNPCL management to safeguard Gbenga Komolafe from harm, emphasizing that the corporation’s primary duty is to stabilize the nation’s economy, especially during the ongoing energy crisis, rather than participating in activities that single out individuals for blackmail.

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