July 14, 2024
Suit 25, Mangal Plaza, Nouakchott Street, Wuse Zone 1, Abuja- Nigeria.

Nigerian Government to Establish CNG Park

The Federal Government of Nigeria, has unveiled plans to establish a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) park at the Ajaokuta Steel Company in Kogi State. The initiative was announced by the Minister of Steel Development, Prince Shuaibu Audu.

The development is part of the president’s renewed hope agenda, which aims at easing the lives of Nigerians, and in conformity with the global shift towards sustainable energy sources.

The Ajaokuta Steel, a key player in Nigeria’s industrial landscape, is set to host the CNG park, developing its existing infrastructure. The park will benefit from the natural gas line running from Warri to Ajaokuta, the Metallurgical Training Centre, engineering workshops, and nearby housing estates.

CNG which is primarily composed of methane, is gaining acceptance as an alternative vehicle fuel. By compressing the gas to less than one percent of its volume at standard atmospheric pressure, CNG offers a cleaner and more cost-effective energy option.

After the fuel subsidy removal, President Bola Tinubu approved the Presidential CNG Initiative (Pi-CNG) in August 2023. With the aim of improving the transportation sector by introducing over 11,500 new CNG-enabled vehicles and providing 55,000 conversion kits for existing petrol-dependent vehicles.

The overall aim of the initiative is to provide a cleaner and healthier environment for Nigerians.


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