June 13, 2024
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Nigerian Government Launches Roadmap to Boost Energy Sector

Nigeria’s energy sector has received a significant boost with the release of two new gazettes by the Federal Government, aimed at guiding the country’s energy transition, efficiency, diversification, and reliability.

These documents, the National Energy Plan (NEP) and the revised National Energy Master Plan (NEMP), were produced by the Energy Commission of Nigeria (ECN) and were officially launched in Abuja on Wednesday.

This marks the first time an energy policy document has been gazette in Nigeria.

During the launch, Hon. Ekperikpe Ekpo, Minister of State for Petroleum Resources (Gas), emphasized the potential of the energy sector to create millions of jobs.

He urged both public and private sector partners to leverage cooperation, creativity, and technology to address energy challenges and build a sustainable energy future.

“Energy transition supports sustainable growth, reduces pollutants for better health, stimulates economic growth, opens new investment opportunities in green technology, and helps mitigate global warming,” Ekpo said.

“Increased energy security, cleaner air, universal energy access, and various environmental benefits present a unique opportunity for job creation, social progress, and financial security,” he added.

Despite these positive developments, some experts believe that Nigeria’s energy sector needs more investment to meet global standards. Dr. Mustapha Abdullahi, Director General of the ECN, has repeatedly stated that Nigeria requires approximately $4 billion annually to achieve its renewable energy goals by 2050.

An anonymous expert noted that while the new documents reflect the government’s commitment to energy sustainability, challenges such as inadequate infrastructure and limited electricity access could hinder progress.

He advised adopting a comprehensive approach that focuses on diversifying energy resources, enhancing energy efficiency, and ensuring reliable energy access for all Nigerians.

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