April 12, 2024
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NDDC to Partner with TotalEnergies to Combat Climate Change

The Nigerian Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) has expressed its commitment to collaborating with International Oil Companies (IOCs) and other development partners to increase investments in renewable energy projects.

The Guardian reported on Wednesday that The Managing Director of NDDC, Dr. Samuel Ogbuku, highlighted the importance of forming sustainable partnerships to drive the development process during a visit by a delegation from TotalEnergies Nigeria Limited to the NDDC headquarters in Port Harcourt.

Dr. Ogbuku emphasized the reality of climate change and urged oil companies to play their part by reducing activities like gas flaring and other forms of pollution. He stressed the need to protect local communities by channelling more resources into clean energy sources.

NDDC is placing a particular focus on solar energy as part of its strategy to combat climate change.

The Director of Corporate Affairs at NDDC, Pius Ughakpoteni, stated that the commission aims to replicate its partnership model with other major oil companies like Chevron. He believes that more development can be achieved through collaborations with various stakeholders.

TotalEnergies Nigeria Limited’s Executive Director for Joint Venture Assets, Obi Imemba, commended NDDC for its role in advancing the development of the Niger Delta region. He emphasized the significance of partnerships in achieving its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and praised NDDC’s alignment with these goals in its initiatives.

TotalEnergies is actively promoting renewable energy and advocating the transition from conventional fossil fuels to cleaner, renewable energy sources with lower carbon emissions, contributing to the fight against climate change.

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