July 14, 2024
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Morocco to Build LNG Terminal

Morocco will build a new LNG terminal at the port of Nador, currently under construction, as part of the Nigeria-Morocco pipeline project.

The announcement was made via a gas infrastructure roadmap agreement signed by several Moroccan Ministries, including Finance and Energy, in March.

The roadmap will be executed over several years, with a primary focus on developing LNG import facilities, encompassing storage and transport infrastructure, according to a report by Energy Capital Power.

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Immediate objectives involve constructing gas pipelines to connect domestic fields with consumers and establishing an LNG terminal at Nador West Med port, strategically positioned to connect with the Maghreb-Europe pipeline.

“The roadmap is in line with Morocco’s steady commitment to foster its energy sovereignty and decarbonize its economy as well as to boost connectivity with regional and international markets,” the Moroccan government said in a statement

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