April 12, 2024
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Kenyans Assured of a Reduction in Fuel Price

President William Ruto has assured that fuel prices will gradually begin to fall starting in December of this year. This was stated after launching the construction of several link roads in Ndia, Kirinyaga County. The president affirmed the government’s keen effort in putting various measures in place to reduce fuel price in the country.

The president added that when he came into office, the country was suffering from fuel shortage due to lack of dollars. “I negotiated with Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates to give us fuel so that we sell in Kenya shillings and for us to pay them in dollars after six months. That is why Kenya has no shortage of fuel,” he said.

He reaffirmed his government’s commitment in making sure that fuel price is sustained though the price is still high. “Starting next month fuel prices will begin to fall and this pattern will continue until the prices are sustained,” said Ruto. He however confirmed that Kenya purchases fuel at a cheaper rate than some African countries.

“Kenya buys fuel at a cheaper price than our neighbors and this is because of the contract we have with Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Right now, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda are following in Kenya’s footsteps,” Ruto stated.

A liter of Super Petrol is selling at Ksh217.36 currently, while a liter of Diesel and Kerosene is selling at Ksh203.47 and Ksh203.06, respectively.



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