June 13, 2024
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Guinea Gears Up for Onshore Oil Survey to Attract Investors

The Federal Republic of Guinea, is gearing up to boost its oil sector by conducting an onshore oil survey, aiming to allure potential investors. According to a tender produced by the state’s oil company, Societe Nationale des Petrole, also known by its French acronym SONAP is seeking for companies that will help identify possible areas that will help attract investors.

This was made known on World Oil website, as the work is said to be conducted in Guinea’s Kindia, Boke, Labe and Kankan regions, according to the tender. The airborne study will cover about 119,200 square kilometers (74,068 square miles). The project will involve a digital full-tensor gravity survey, which makes measuring and mapping changes in density of the sub-surface easy for operators.

Interestingly, Guinea is one of the world’s top producers of bauxite, a raw material used in producing aluminium. It also has the world’s largest untapped deposit of iron ore, which many companies are looking to exploit

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