May 21, 2024
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Energy Transition: Qatar Seeks Investment in Gas Sector

Mr. Saad Sherida Al-Kaabi, the Minister of State for Energy Affairs and President/CEO of QatarEnergy has stressed the need to invest in natural gas to pursue a fair and practical energy transition. He said there is a critical need to align energy security, affordability, and sustainability to ensure the transition.

During his address at the ministerial Plenary Meeting as part of Tokyo’s Green Transformation Week, Al-Kaabi expressed a strong belief in the necessity of incorporating natural gas into our current and future energy strategies.

The LEADERSHIP reports that Al-Kaabi stated that natural gas would remain indispensable, especially due to its reliability as a base-load energy source for numerous nations, even beyond the year 2050.

He further explained that while the shift towards renewables was commendable, it could not be the sole solution, particularly due to the intermittent nature of renewable energy sources, emphasizing that natural gas, being a cleaner, cost-effective, and readily available component of the energy transition, played a vital role.

He also highlighted Qatar’s commitment to addressing climate change through concrete actions, not just pledges.

The minister underscored the importance of exploring cleaner solutions to combat climate change. He urged the assembly to prioritize key factors essential for a sustainable transition, including strengthening energy security, bridging the energy poverty gap affecting billions of lives, ensuring equitable energy access, increasing investments, and decisively moving away from coal.

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