May 21, 2024
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Ecuador Declares Second State of Emergency over Energy Crisis

President Daniel Noboa of Ecuador announced a second state of emergency on Friday in response to an ongoing energy crisis that has prompted rationing measures in the South American nation.

Noboa, who assumed office in November, had previously declared an energy emergency earlier in the week, leading to the implementation of power cuts.

However, these cuts are set to be halted on Sunday for a referendum on various security measures, where Noboa appears poised for success.

The initial emergency declaration, issued in January, aimed to address a surge in crime by enhancing coordination between the military and police forces.

In the latest 60-day state of emergency announced on Saturday, Noboa has deployed military and police personnel to safeguard energy infrastructure, as outlined in a decree published on the president’s office website.

The primary objective of this emergency declaration is to ensure the uninterrupted provision of electricity to the public.

The energy crisis in Ecuador has been exacerbated by a drought, partly attributed to the climatic phenomenon known as El Niño, which has significantly reduced water levels in hydroelectric dams. These dams constitute the primary source of power generation for the country.

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