July 25, 2024
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AROGMA Commends NNPC Management for Queue-Free December Fuel Supply

In a recent press briefing, the Arewa Oil and Gas Marketers Association (AROGMA) expressed its commendation for the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPC) management’s effective handling of fuel supply, ensuring a December without fuel queues.

Bashir Ahmad Danmalam, the President of AROGMA, highlighted the significance of this achievement, noting that it marked a departure from past years when long queues were a common sight during the year-end period.

While speDanmalam attributed this success to the collaborative efforts of Adedapo Seguna, the Executive Vice President of Downstream NNPC Limited, and Lawal Sade, Managing Director of NNPC Trading Company. The two worked diligently to guarantee the timely and ample supply of fuel as the year concluded.

Assuring the public on behalf of AROGMA and stakeholders, Danmalam emphasized that there was no need for panic, and Nigerians could celebrate festive occasions without the inconvenience of fuel queues. He commended the downstream sector for taking the responsibility of ensuring prompt fuel supply seriously.

Danmalam lauded the successful initiative led by Adedapo Seguna, citing it as a demonstration of his competence for the task at hand. He further highlighted that, thanks to this progress, individuals could now travel from Lagos to Maiduguri in Borno without encountering fuel queues.

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