May 22, 2024
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Arewa Oil and Gas Marketers Association (AROGMA) Unveils New Leadership and Launches Operations in Kano

 Kano recently witnessed a historic event as the Arewa Oil and Gas Marketers Association (AROGMA) introduced its new leadership and officially inaugurated its operations. The grand ceremony brought together dignitaries, members, and enthusiasts from across Nigeria to celebrate this significant milestone. The event marked the swearing-in of AROGMA’s new chairman, Bashir Danmalam, ushering in a promising era for the oil and gas sector in the region.

Nigerian Tracker reports that Bashir Danmalam, a distinguished figure within the industry, took on the role of Chairman during the event, receiving the certificate of leadership amidst an air of anticipation and enthusiasm. The occasion attracted a diverse audience, representing various regions of Nigeria and different sectors of society. This widespread participation underscored the association’s influence and relevance in the industry.

The gathering provided a platform for industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders to unite and acknowledge the growth and development of the oil and gas sector in the northern region. “Today, we mark a significant milestone in the energy sector’s history,” declared Bashir Danmalam in his acceptance speech. “The establishment of AROGMA reflects our collective commitment to advancing the oil and gas industry’s interests in the Arewa region. Through unwavering dedication, we will drive innovation, foster collaboration, and promote sustainable practices to elevate our sector.”

The launch of Arewa Oil and Gas in Kano signifies a renewed emphasis on harnessing the region’s abundant energy resources and potential. As the new chairman assumes leadership, expectations are high for the association to facilitate strategic partnerships, elevate industry standards, and contribute to regional economic growth.

The ceremony artfully blended tradition and modernity, capturing the essence of Arewa’s cultural heritage while embracing the dynamic nature of the energy sector. This event not only marked the beginning of a new chapter for AROGMA but also underscored a commitment to shaping the future of the oil and gas industry in northern Nigeria.

As attendees departed with a renewed sense of optimism and enthusiasm, it was evident that Arewa Oil and Gas had charted a promising course, positioning itself as a pivotal player in the region’s economic progress and in the broader landscape of the industry.

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