July 25, 2024
Suit 25, Mangal Plaza, Nouakchott Street, Wuse Zone 1, Abuja- Nigeria.

Angola’s 26.13MW Photovoltaic Plant in Saurimo Nears Operational Status

Angola’s 26.13-megawatt photovoltaic plant, situated in Saurimo, Lunda-Sul Province, is slated to begin operations by the end of March 2024, announced Arlindo Carlos, the Secretary of State for Energy.

The project, spanning 65 hectares, is under the joint responsibility of the South African and Angolan companies, ‘Sun África’ and ‘MCA’, respectively. Budgeted at €38.839.000, it encompasses 44,850 solar panels, set to benefit 171,565 residents of Saurimo.

Speaking to the press after a visit to Saurimo, Arlindo Carlos mentioned that the photovoltaic plant is presently undergoing testing and is expected to be fully operational in the coming days.

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Arlindo Carlos reassured that the Ministry of Energy and Water would extend electricity supply to other areas such as Cacolo and Muconda, aiming to address the existing deficit in the province.

During the visit, Arlindo Carlos, accompanied by Cláudio Pemessa, the Deputy-Governor for Technical Services and Infrastructure, and the CEOs of ENDE and PRODEL, inspected the photovoltaic plant in Saurimo, Nhama, Txicumina, and the construction of “UPS 01”.

Saurimo, with a population exceeding 534,000, currently receives a variable energy supply ranging from 19 to 25 megawatts from the Nhama and Txicumina thermal plants.

Presently, the National Energy Distribution Company (ENDE) in Lunda-Sul serves approximately 30,600 registered customers, including 1,700 on the prepaid system.

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