June 22, 2024
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Again, Northeast Nigeria Faces Power Outages as Vandals Destoy Three Towers in Borno

Residents in Nigeria’s northeast are grappling with continuous power outages after vandals targeted crucial Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) towers.

In a statement on Monday, TCN noted that three towers along the Biu – Danbua 132kV transmission line have been vandalized, resulting in the theft of 16 spans of conductors. The affected towers, identified as T1690, T1691, and T1692, have all collapsed due to the damage.

In February, Energy Afrque reported that suspected vandals using an Improvised Explosive Device IED, destroyed a High Tension Transmission Line in Unguwar Kanawa, a suburb in the capital of Northeastern Bauchi State.

Barely two months later, this medium reported that vandals targeted four towers along the Jos-Gome 330kV line that threatened the nation’s power infrastructure.

This latest act of vandalism exacerbates the region’s already severe infrastructure challenges, further hindering a stable electricity supply.

Ndidi Mbah, the General Manager of Public Affairs at TCN noted that the incident occurred while the company was in the process of repairing four previously vandalized towers in the region.

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Sabotage Hits Nigeria’s Power Transmission as Four Towers Damaged Along Jos-Gombe Line

The statement comes as TCN strives to meet its May 27 deadline to restore electricity supply in the area. “Tower T290, one of the four new towers erected by TCN contractors along the Jos – Gombe 330kV transmission line, collapsed during the cable stringing process,” TCN stated.

Adding to the difficulties, Mbah reported, “While TCN is working on reconstructing and restringing the four vandalized towers, three additional towers along the Biu – Danbua 132kV transmission line were also vandalized, with 16 spans of conductors stolen. The towers that have collapsed include T1690, T1691, and T1692. TCN has mobilized a contractor to begin their reconstruction. Our patrol team discovered this last Friday.”

Moreover, on the same day, TCN’s patrol team found that tower T540 along the Makurdi – Jos 330kV double circuit transmission line had been vandalized, with sections of the tower removed, though it remains standing. Emergency repairs have been contracted to prevent its collapse.

“We reiterate our commitment to restoring normal bulk power supply through the distribution companies serving the North-East and other affected areas,” Mbah stated. “However, there is an urgent need for everyone to join hands with TCN in protecting our collective assets by being vigilant and promptly reporting any suspected acts of tower and line vandalism.”

These incidents are not isolated. Similar attacks on TCN infrastructure have been reported in recent months, raising serious concerns about security measures and the motives behind the vandalism. Experts suggest reasons ranging from metal theft to deliberate disruption of essential services in the region.

The Nigerian government is under significant pressure to address this issue. Ensuring the restoration of power and enhancing security for TCN infrastructure are vital for the economic recovery and stability of the North-East. Stakeholders are advocating for a comprehensive approach that includes increased surveillance, community engagement to deter vandalism, and stricter penalties for those caught tampering with critical infrastructure.

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