May 21, 2024
Suit 25, Mangal Plaza, Nouakchott Street, Wuse Zone 1, Abuja- Nigeria.

Afreximbank Grants Nigeria $1B Crude Prepayment Facility

The African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank), a multilateral financial institution, is providing a $1 billion crude oil prepayment facility to Nigeria.

This initiative, aimed at bolstering the country’s foreign reserves, is scheduled for release in May 2024.

Part of a larger $3.3 billion crude prepayment facility, Afreximbank has already disbursed $2.25 billion in January 2024.

Nigeria secures 60% of Afreximbank Energy Sector Funds

BREAKING: NNPC Secures Urgent $3 Billion Crude Repayment Loan from Afreximbank

The repayment of this loan will be facilitated by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, utilizing revenue generated from crude sales.

Denys Denya, Afreximbank’s Senior Vice President for Finance, Administration, and Banking, confirms the completion of crude availability verification.

The institution anticipates finalizing the release of the remaining balance next month.

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